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InterUSS Platform Membership

The InterUSS Platform seeks to advance air mobility through industry collaboration, open standards, and interoperability among emerging aircraft operations.

To accomplish this, the InterUSS Platform provides a forum for collaboration and development of standards-compliant, open source implementations that facilitate communication in the UTM/U-space environment.

Why Join?

As an InterUSS Platform member, you will help shape the future of interoperability and standardization through democratized participation. The various technologies and services associated with UTM/U-space are developing rapidly and globally. Collaborating at this critical inflection point of airspace management, you will add diversity of perspectives, experience, and resources to guide how we connect and complement each other in the skies. With multiple levels of membership and several committee and advisory opportunities, joining is accessible, manageable, and impactful. While the question here may be “why join,” a better question might be “why not?”.

Join the InterUSS Platform to actively participate in the development of open source and interoperable solutions for the safe integration of emerging aircraft operations in the airspace.

  • Meet with all types of expert organizations: private industry or governmental organization.
  • Share with experts in the field.
  • Take an active part in the development of new open source technologies and standards.
  • Play a leading role in the future of air mobility.

Membership Tiers and Pricing

Formal membership application is required. InterUSS Platform membership also requires companies and organizations to be members of the Linux Foundation.

Premier Membership

$100,000 (plus LF Membership if the applicant is not already an LF Member)

General Membership

SizeAlready an LF MemberIncluding LF Silver Membership
5,000 and above employees$20,000$40,000
2,000-4,999 employees$15,000$30,000
500-1,999 employees$10,000$25,000
Less than 500 employees$5,000100-499 employees $15,000
Less than 100 employees $10,000

Associate Membership

Free for pre-approved non-profits, open source projects, and government entities