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InterUSS Platform Advisory Council

The InterUSS Advisory Council is a volunteer group of regulators and organizations advising on the technical and adoption milestones for InterUSS projects and products, starting with automated testing for strategic conflict detection.

By joining the InterUSS Platform Advisory Council, you play a vital role in fostering the alignment and accessibility of open-source resources. Your participation facilitates advancements in communication, interoperability, and scalability within the UTM/U-space landscape.


Bring together influential drone stakeholders from around the world, achieving global consensus on automated testing and USS/USSP interoperability

Influence the adoption and implementation of the InterUSS tools

Add an impetus for increased membership and greater participation in InterUSS, as members will have access to key leaders in airspace innovation.

Formalise and strengthen the feedback and inputs InterUSS has received, requested, and implemented since its founding

Council Structure

The Council is comprised exclusively of national governments, multinational governmental and treaty organizations, public authorities, or standards bodies

Engagement Model

The Advisory Council is a key means for governmental and inter-governmental organizations to provide feedback on InterUSS capabilities in a structured, open way and ensure transparency with industry.

Virtual gatherings with one in-person meeting annually, convening quarterly.